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Why should choose Vietnam Star

Sao Viet Trading Service Company commits to bring to the community Quality products - Utilities - Prestige
with UU VIET with respect, professionalism and responsibility.

Become a leader in the distribution and provision of professional cleaning tools consulting services in Vietnam
Products certified by Sao Viet according to international standards bring satisfaction to consumers.



“I always feel secure when using the sanitary tools distributed by Sao Viet for high-end buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. I am very satisfied with the results that the company brings. "

Mr. Duong

“I have been using the Sanitation products and services of Sao Viet company for my projects. The quality was beyond my expectations. ”

Mr. Truong

"My family has small children, so I want to search for safe and hygienic products. I feel assured because my child's health is protected by the guarantee of quality and product reputation of Sao Viet Company."

Ms. Truc

“I was recommended by a friend to use Sao Viet's product. Now I am very satisfied and will recommend to other friends of mine. "

Anh Thuat


5/5 (2 Reviews)